Editor’s Note, Issue 2

I don’t know about you, but I avoid making New Year’s resolutions. There’s something incredibly daunting about setting grand goals for the year before it’s really had the chance to start, and doing so while still hopped up on leftover Christmas cookies and eggnog never ends well for me. The trick to achieving my goals, I figured out eventually, is to set plans in motion before January 1 and thus sidestep New Year’s resolutions and their apparent curse altogether.

It seems appropriate, then, that the winter 2014 issue of Betwixt is not the magazine’s first issue but its second. Throughout 2014, we plan to continue what we started in issue 1, bringing you four issues filled with eclectic speculative fiction that’s imaginative, thought provoking, entertaining, and often weird as heck. Issue 2 starts the year off right with original fiction by Michael J. DeLuca, Willow Fagan, AJ Fitzwater, Sharon J. Gochenour, and Robert Pritchard. Enjoy!

Joy Crelin
Ipswich, MA
January 2014

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