Editor’s Note, Issue 9

Fall has come once again to Massachusetts, bringing with it a new issue of Betwixt! For its first two years of existence, Betwixt was largely a solo endeavor. For this issue, however, I recruited the lovely and talented Jensen Toperzer and Bethany Zaiatz as guest editors and tasked them with holding down the fort while I welcomed the newest, tiniest, loudest member of the Betwixt family into the world. Our grand experiment proved a success: Jensen and Bethany have put together a great issue, selecting entertaining, moving works by seven talented authors. Issue 9 features original stories by S. L. Gilbow, Teresa Milbrodt, Molly Olguín, Leanne Olson, Charles Payseur, Marian Rosarum, and Benjamin A. Tyrrell. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Joy Crelin
Salem, MA
October 2015

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