Announcing Guest Editors for Issue 10 (and more!)

Greetings, Betwixt readers and submitters! I have three announcements for you today:

(1) I’m pleased to announce that the wonderful and talented Julia Gilstein and Lisa Usani Phillips will be guest editing issue 10 of Betwixt. Julia and Lisa are looking forward to reading your submissions throughout October and November!

The submission address and guidelines will remain the same. If you have a general question about Betwixt, please email us at

About the Guest Editors

Julia Gilstein is a full-time editor for Skyword and occasional freelance editor and writer. She lives in Boston and spends her free time dabbling in fantasy fiction, procrastinating on NaNoWriMo, and stealing her roommate’s lap dog. Keep up with Julia on Twitter.

Lisa Usani Phillips, MFA, has worked as a writer and editor since 1996, and is currently a senior content editor at EBSCO Information Services. Her writing has appeared in Current Biography, the Longman Journal for Creative Writing, Where the Stories Come From, Beacon Street Review, and Salt magazine, among others. She is (still) working on her first novel and is careful to walk three paces behind her celebrity rescue dog, Lloyd.

(2) We’re adjusting the publication dates slightly for issues 9 and 10. Issue 9 will be published on October 15. Issue 10 will be published on January 15. The scheduled submission periods will not change.

(3) On a personal note, I’m incredibly happy to announce that we’ve welcomed a new member into the Betwixt family. Alanna Jennifer Crelin-Spencer was born shortly before noon on September 4. She’s pretty much the best! (Infinite thanks to the guest editors for all their help during this rather interesting time.)

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