Betwixt • Issue 1 • Fall 2013


Editor’s Note
“The Hind” by Ian Hamilton
“Said the Axe Man” by Tam MacNeil
“Mayor of a Flourishing City” by Mark Rigney
“Beyond, Behind, Below” by Betsy Phillips
“Long-Distance Call” by Benjamin Sherlock
“The Golden Coins of Victory” by Marlys Jarstfer
“The Red Danube” by Bernie Mojzes

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We have reopened to submissions. Please review our guidelines carefully, as some things have changed. Now might also be a good time to review our policies.

4 thoughts on “Betwixt • Issue 1 • Fall 2013

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  3. I apologize about a recent resubmission. I apparently did not catch your first response so I waited three days and resubmitted. There are a few differences including word count between the submissions but nothing that affects the events of the story, but I prefer the latter submission.

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