Announcing Guest Editors for Issue 9

Greetings, Betwixt readers and submitters!

As we prepare for the launch of issue 8 and the beginning of the July-August submission period, I’d like to announce that issue 9 (Fall 2015) will feature the guest-editing talents of my friends and colleagues Jensen Toperzer and Bethany Zaiatz. Jensen and Bethany will be reading submissions throughout July and August, and I hope many of your stories will knock their socks off!

The submission address and guidelines will remain the same. If you have a general question about Betwixt, please email us at

Happy July!

About the Guest Editors

Jensen Toperzer is currently a freelance editor, copyeditor, and layout wrangler. They work with fiction, nonfiction, and tabletop roleplaying games. If you’d like to hire their services, email them at
TwitterTumblrGoogle+ (ask to be added to the RPG circle to read about tabletop roleplaying games!)

Bethany Zaiatz has been an editor and anthologist with Circlet Press, the premier publisher of erotic science fiction and fantasy, for going on seven years. Her anthologies include Best Erotic Fantasy, Fantastic Erotica, and five others in Circlet’s thematic Like . . . series, featuring erotic imaginings on the subjects of werewolves, superheroes, time travel, and “spy-fi”.

Betwixt • Issue 7 • Spring 2015

Editor’s Note
“Blueberry Knight” by Jennifer Hykes
“The Creature That Came In and Ate All Our Food, and Emptied Our Wallets, and Stole All Our Hearts” by Trevor Shikaze
“At Her Fingertips” by Jason Kimble
“Frenemies” by Peri Fae Blomquist

Cover art: The Woods by Boudewijn Berends
Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0) license
Image edits by Leland Spencer



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We have reopened to submissions. Please review our guidelines carefully, as some things may have changed. Now might also be a good time to review our policies.


2015 Hugo Award Eligibility

The nomination period for the 2015 Hugo Awards has just opened, so this seems like an excellent time to remind our readers of the many Hugo-eligible stories we published in 2014. All stories belong in the Short Story category unless otherwise noted.

The following stories are eligible for the 2015 Hugo Award:

“Princess Cosima and the Thousand Cats” by Sarah L. Byrne

“Speaking to Skull Kings” by Emily B. Cataneo

“Slomo” by Vajra Chandrasekera

“The Literal Forest” by Nino Cipri

“Blade” by David Cleden

“The Painting of Master Ilios” by Marie Clementel

“The Stone Horse of Flores” by Michael J. DeLuca

“A Ring of Red and White” by Willow Fagan

“The Dragon in the Wardrobe” by AJ Fitzwater

“The Book of the Lost” by Sharon J. Gochenour (eligible in the Novelette category)

“A Spotter’s Guide” by Eric Gregory

“The Many-Named” by Crystal Lynn Hilbert

“Lives of the Elementary Particles” by C. W. Johnson

“Siegfried Played Guitar” by Bernie Mojzes

“The Rivers Between Them” by Michelle Muenzler

“Alienation” by Robert Pritchard

“Madder Root and Rampion” by Sean R. Robinson

“Blood Pepper and Brave Meat” by Sara Saab

“Honey in the Lion” by E. Catherine Tobler

“Multitude” by Lydia Waldman

Betwixt itself is eligible for the award for Best Semiprozine (see for more information about this somewhat confusing category), and editor Joy Crelin is eligible for Best Editor (Short Form).

For more information about the nomination process and the Hugo Awards as a whole, check out the Sasquan (Worldcon 2015) nomination page and the official Hugo Awards website.

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